Trick or Treat Bubble Shooter

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Trick or Treat Bubble Shooter GamePlay:

Bubble shooters are always one of the most favorite games of many players. Halloween is around the corner and it adds a great Halloween flavor into the classic bubble shooter and turns this genre into something fun and spooky. As a result, you get Trick or Treat Bubble Shooter at y8 games. It keeps the classic gameplay that you love and it turns all the balls into Halloween-themed balls that look spooky and amazing. You embark on an endless bubble shooting adventure.

It just ends when any balls touch the bottom of the gameboard. Don’t let it happen if you want to set a record that you find yourself hard to break in the next play. A ball is 1 point. You shoot the balls by launching the ball at the bottom to hit a group of more than 3 balls of the same type. If you shoot at 2 balls of the same type or another ball, you make the ball army more crowded.

On, the balls gradually come to the bottom. Stop them at all costs and let your gaming time lasts longer. Yes, it’s still a classic bubble shooter like other ones that you have played before. However, you will feel the sense of Halloween in it. This makes the game become a great choice for Halloween. Trick or Treat combines with bubble shooter brings you to something that you can’t find in the normal bubble shooting game for sure.

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How to play:

Use your mouse to shoot the bubbles.

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