Samurai Flash

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Samurai Flash GamePlay:

Samurai Flash is an enjoyable and impressive parkour combat game in which you play as a powerful samurai who looks like a robot and deal with tons of challenges by yourself. Here at y8 boys games, let's get ready to face different obstacles and dangers in this simple but difficult game. Your main goal is to reach the finish line without getting hurt. To make it, you don't have to kill all enemies or destroy all obstacles along the way from the starting point to the final destination.

However, enemies will act to stop you from reaching your goal. So to go through the dangers safe and sound, you are better to kill them. Although the gameplay sounds simple and easy, you will soon find out how hard it is once you get started. Those enemies aren't the only threat. You will die because of other things and even by yourself if you fall into the water. The game doesn't require you to finish each level with a given time. So you can stop whenever you want, even in front of your enemies.

On, after some levels, you reach the boss and you have to defeat him to advance. Bosses are insanely hard to kill. You may fail several times before you can beat him and gain the victory. However, each time you play and each time you lose, you can learn something useful to correct the mistake that you make in previous playing time. Bosses will fire projectiles at you and you find it hard to approach him.

Let's see how you can defeat those enemies and bosses. Break a leg and have fun in other choices of games such as Catch The Apple and Adventure Craft.

How to play:

Run forward by using your mouse.

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