Number Maze

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Number Maze GamePlay:

Number Maze is an addictive puzzle game related to the numbers and the maze in which you have to go across the maze and connect all the numbers in order. It seems to be simple but no. Here at y8 games puzzle, you can finish some first numbers easily but later, you will sweat a lot to solve the puzzles. So, you will see a game board with some numbers on it.

All you have to do is to start connecting from 0 to the highest number on the board but you have to do it in order. Besides, the line you create has to fill all the boards. It means you have to come across the whole maze without missing a corner. As you advance, you will encounter many challenging puzzles. Obstacles appear to stop you. You can go through them. Instead, you have to avoid them.

This gameplay sounds familiar, right? You may have experienced the same gameplay in some games on, but this game has a twist. Start the line from 0 to the highest number means there is only one line that appears on the game board. If you take a wrong move, you can turn back and choose other paths until you solve the puzzle successfully. There are 50 levels and you start from level one.

Once you play the first level, you can’t wait to conquer the final ones for sure. Simple to play but hard to master, let’s see how can you handle what awaits you in the game. Have fun and enjoy the time you spend here and in other awesome games such as Zipline Rescue and Gold Coast.

How to play:

Use your mouse to connect the numbers.

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