Lumberjack River Exit

Rate: 73.3% | 3.7/5 (3 Player)


Lumberjack River Exit GamePlay:

Lumberjack River Exit is a great puzzle game that just arrives at y8 games. It’s about the adventure of a lumberjack. The story is that on a fine day, a lumberjack has a great raft ride. He has a peaceful journey until he was trapped in a river stretch where animals were swimming and logs were floating. They blocked all the way and he could not row back home. He needs your help to clean the way, so he can go home with his raft.

You move animals and logs away from the way to help the lumberjack escape from this situation. You may like him. You don’t want to in the middle of a river that is totally jammed because it seems that nearly haft of the animals in the forest swim in it and most fallen trees float in the river. It was a sad sight. It likes he was in the middle of a traffic jam during rush hour.

On, this game challenges you with more than 300 levels with the increasing of the difficulty level. You have to move each item to create an open way for the lumberjack to go through. You just have a certain amount of time to make it. If the time runs out while the lumberjack still gets stuck in the river, you lose, and play that level once again is what you have to do.

Observe the whole scene and find the best way to solve the puzzle that likes in other puzzle games that you have played for now. After conquering over 300 levels, let’s test your problem-solving skills with other challenges in some games such as Stair Run and Turn Me On.


Use your mouse to move animals and logs in the river.

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