Let's Catch

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Puzzle games are one of the best choices in terms of sharpening your mind and giving you great gaming experience. Let’s Catch is the latest puzzle game available for free at y8 new games. Your main goal is to get a certain number of blocks with 20 that the game requires. To make it, you have to drag and merge 2 of the same numbered blocks to create a new block with a higher value. For example, when you merge a block with number 1 with a block of the same value, you get a block with number 2 and so on.

However, you have to follow some rules. The blocks you merge must be available. It means they are not blocked completely. Besides, don’t let the block touch the top of the game board. Otherwise, you lose. As the game processes, it becomes harder to merge. Some blocks connected to other blocks will appear. You have to connect the connection with the same method.

On http://m.y8y8y8.games/, there are 2 difficulty levels and you should play the first level first to get familiar to the gameplay. Then, challenge yourself with the next level. This game is not for fun but also helps you improve your memory, concentration levels, and reflexes as well. There are so many benefits to only one game. So why don’t you check it out?

It’s such a simple game but the joy you get from it is so much. Try it once and you will keep playing several times for sure. Play with the number is not always boring and this game proves that. Enjoy and discover other choices such as Trollface Quest Horror 2 and Sugar Heroes.


Merge the blocks by using your left mouse.

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