Catch The Thief 3D

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Catch The Thief 3D GamePlay:

It seems that thieves today are no longer afraid of being caught. They blatantly break into your house and take away your wealth when you are there. Let them know they make a big mistake and they must be punished. Catch The Thief 3D puts you on a journey of catching thieves. At y8 arcade games, you have to catch a certain number of thieves in each level for a limited time. If time runs out but there are any thieves left, this means you lose and these thieves win. You have to start that level once again.

Thieves operate openly instead of stealthily. They run around your room and it isn’t easy to catch them. You have to be quick. Define nearby targets and catch them first. After that, you approach other ones that stand far from you to save time. Time is not much while thieves are very crowded. So you have to find a way that works effectively. Otherwise, you can’t finish your mission.

On, the game doesn’t offer you any boosters or tools to catch these thieves. However, you don’t have to do anything special to catch them. You just need to run toward them and they are caught. Watch out for things on the floor. If you stumble into them, you will fall. And you will take a moment to continue. A new level will be unlocked if you finish the current one.

As you level up, the burglar missions become more difficult. Keep that in your mind. Growing Fish and Word Link are our suggestions for you after this game. Have fun!

How to play:

Use your mouse to control your character.

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