Cannon Surfer

Rate: 93.3% | 4.7/5 (12 Player)


Cannon Surfer GamePlay:

Cannon Surfer promises to bring from this surprise to that surprise. It’s an enjoyable arcade game that combines with the puzzle element. You can play this game for free at y8 com. Look at its name, you may think you are going to shoot at enemies by using a cannon. However, it turns out differently. Your main objective in each level is to reach the finish line without touching any obstacles. The cannon won’t literally destroy those obstacles but pull them away. This opens the way for you to go through.

The puzzle element shows up in the way you upgrade your cannon. You can level up your cannon by merging 2 cannons of the same level. It likes how you play a merging puzzle game. Keep merging to upgrade the cannon if it’s possible. The higher the cannon is, the more powerful and further the shoot ranger. It’s important because your character autoruns. If the cannon is too weak, it can’t pull the obstacles away before you come close to them. Then you lose.

On, along the way, you also collect diamonds. These diamonds are used to unlock new skins, dance, and shell in the store. Diamonds are blocked by obstacles. You have to shoot at these obstacles to release the diamonds and get them. The game offers a list of daily missions and achievements. Finish each of them and you are awarded bonuses. If some obstacles are tô heavy that makes you impossible to remove them, you can use a rainbow shell to clean the way.

Play more and discover more, then you will find more interesting features that the game offers just like other choices here such as Trollface Quest: Horror 3 and Witch Alchemist Saga.


Use your mouse to move to the left and right.

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