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Tankoio is an online multiplayer shooting game brings you to the battlefield in which you enter 5v5 battle against real players around the world. Here at y8y8 com, you can choose to become a member of the Allied Forces or the Soviet Union. Each team consists of 5 members. The matching system of the game will choose random 5 members for each team. You just have to wait for a moment to team up and then, you can start battling. Your mission is to destroy the opposing team’s base to win.

To do it, you and your team members have to work with each other to build a great strategy and fight effectively. A strategy with defense and attacking tactics is the key to win. However, teamwork is also important. In the beginning, you also can choose your favorite tank. There are plenty of tank models. They are different in color and they have the same ability. So don’t spend too much time choosing.

Make it done quickly and start the battle right way on http://m.y8y8y8.games/. Go head to head in the warfare and show that your team is the real boss here. Become the first team to blow up the enemy base to win the match. Play several times to deal with different enemies with a different strategy. After destroying a player’s tank, you will get an upgrade to enhance your strength.

Enjoy this game with MOBA style gameplay and don’t forget to explore other choices such as Audiogame.io and SnowHeroes.io. Have a great time!


Use arrow keys or WASD to move and left click to shoot.

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