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You always know that the Avengers is a superhero team. They are friends, teammate and they work with each other to defeat the bad guys. However, in your opinion, who is the strongest one? And they are wondering the same thing, then they decided to have the fight to find out the winner. In at juegos de y8, you and other players enter a battle and everyone will start with Captain America. There is no team and friendship here.

Your mission is to stay focus on eliminating other superheroes on the map. But first, you should collect as many colored dots as possible to grow up in size and level up. Level up means you are stronger. However, size and level don't matter in this game. If you are skillful enough, you still can kill the ones who are bigger and has higher levels than yours. Attacking from the behind brings a better outcome. Killing enemies and collecting multi-colored dots make you upgrade and grow up.

When you level up, you will transform into a new hero. You can't guess who you will become next. This is an interesting thing that you expect during the game. Remember that the small ones also can kill the big ones. However, the big size brings you some benefits. On, you will have bigger and longer weapons. You can attack enemies from a far distance.

Sound interesting enough for you? Who will be the strongest one? Is it you? Find the answer and test your skills with the new challenges in and


Move your mouse to move, left-click to attack and right-click to sprint.

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