Rate: 70.9% | 3.5/5 (11 Player)

Play GamePlay: is a must-play game that you shouldn’t miss at y8 2 player games. When it comes to the multiplayer IO games, this is one of the best options in the list. Why? You will find out the reason when you play. This game has full features of an IO game in which you will compete against several players around the world on a map. You can grow up and enhance your strength by collecting items.

However, an interesting point is that you will collect knives this game instead of the glowing dots as usual. Name yourself and start the battle. The rule is simple. You should stay focused on collecting knives to grow bigger and become stronger in the first stage. At that time, stay away from those who are bigger than yours. Over time, when you are big enough, you can attack the smaller opponents.

On, you have 2 modes including attacking and defending. You can directly attack your rivals and point out your knives to defend. Defend on your ranking after the battle, you will earn money. You can use the money to buy knives and merge 2 knives of the same level to create a new knife which is better in every stat. Keep merging when you have money because it’s important and upgraded knives bring you so many benefits in the game.

Besides a great strategy in attacking and defending, weapons are essential aspects raise your chance of winning. Be well-prepared and let’s teach other players a lesson with your blades. Many io games are available here. Some of the best options are and


Mouse to move and left click to attack.

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