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Play GamePlay: is not a multiplayer online io game as the ones you have played before. This is a music game combine with the racing element. When you play, you can see that it’s quite similar to an endless runner game in many factors. For example, you have to control an icon, avoid the obstacles on the way by moving to the left and right of the 3 lane road, go through the shining tiles and go as far as you can.

However, you listen to music and create your rhythm. At y8 new game, the game allows you to play the sample song or upload your songs. Choose the option you want and start racing. The point is that you won’t die if you crash into the obstacles, but your strike point will reset to 0. This point should be high so you can earn an extra point. Your playing process will last until the song ends.

On, after that, you can challenge other songs. Be ready to deal with the upcoming situation. You can’t know what is coming next. One more thing you should know that the challenging level based on the song. If you choose a calm and soft song, it must be easier. If the song is harsh and dynamic, you will find it harder. You should handle from easy ones to hard ones.

Be ready all the time to conquer this fast-paced react game and you can’t wait to discover all the songs for sure. Have fun with other choices as amazing as this one such as Teams and


Use ADS or left/right arrow to change the lane.

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