Troll Face Quest: USA 2

Rate: 65.5% | 3.3/5 (11 Player)


Troll Face Quest: USA 2 GamePlay:

Troll Face Quest: USA 2 is a fun point and click game of the famous series called Troll Face that surely brings you a great gaming time. Will you troll the others or be trolled by them? Let’s find out in this interesting puzzle game. Here at y8 games unblocked, Troll Face is ready to have another trolling adventure. This time, he arrives in the USA and trolls some celebrities, from famous ones to the president.

In this game, you have to find all the hidden points and interact with them to succeed and unlock the next level. However, some points will make you be trolled. The point is where is the right one. On, you have 5 hints to use at all levels. If you run out of hints, you can’t earn more. So, try to save them to use in the necessary situations. They are rare and valuable. You observe the surroundings or click randomly on every object to discover the hidden points.

Sometimes, it works, but mostly you will lose. There is no instruction here. Whether you can solve the puzzle or not, it’s up to you. Meet famous people of the United States in humorous formations and play pranks on them in the way of Troll Face. You can’t guess what will happen and when the event happens, you will laugh out loud and have a great time.

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