Relic Runway

Rate: 70% | 3.5/5 (6 Player)


Relic Runway GamePlay:

Life is not easy. You are an adventurer who loves going to the jungle and discover the mysterious temple. Unfortunately, this time you deal with a monster in the jungle. This monster doesn’t want a stranger as you step on the territory. So you will be caught if you don’t escape from here now. In Relic Runway – a different version of the famous Temple Run, you have to run, so you won’t be trapped by the monster.

At, run as fast as possible and the monster is not only the thread. Along the journey, you will face many obstacles such as traps, snakes, flames and so on. You have to react quick enough to avoid these dangers to save your life. You have only one life in each game, so be careful. Like other endless runner games, you also collect coins and diamonds along the way.

With these coins, you can unlock new characters and buy some useful power-ups such as a shield that helps you run as a ghost for longer, a magnet to collect many coins at once or a glove to double coins for longer and more. Like adventure and don’t afraid of dangers, you also find relics in the jungle to complete your collection. Just run, dash, slide your way to the end of the journey. Don’t let the monster capture you and unlock all 14 characters as another objective in the game.

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Use WASD to run, slide and jump.

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