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Dynamons GamePlay:

Have you ever played Pokemon or watch the Pokemon series before? You must have ever heard about it for sure. Now, let’s enjoy an online and simplified version of the original one named Dynamons. It’s the latest game added to y8 games online 2 player and don’t ignore this game or you miss something really interesting. If you are ready for an epic adventure, let’s jump in and start your journey now.

Well, your objective is to go to the end of the adventure. During this adventure, you catch, train and evolve your monsters, then fight against your opponents. Each step you take in your adventure is a battle that you have to fight and win to advance in the game. Your weapons are your monsters. Each of them has some unique abilities allow you to increase the chance to win.

You will go through a short tutorial at the beginning and it helps you know the important things about the game, how to use an ability, how to catch a new monster and so on. You have a monster and you can expand your collection as the game processes. You can have some new monsters if you catch them successfully. Besides, you also can upgrade your Dynamons to enhance their stats.

When you own some monster, you can choose the ones you like to join any battle on http://m.y8y8y8.games/. Don’t worry if you lose because you can win the next turn. Make sure to evolve and upgrade your monster then you can deal with the most powerful enemies. Enjoy your adventure fully and start other adventures in other games such as Cut the Rope 2 and Snowball Office Fight

How to play:

Use your mouse to play the game.

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