Viking Dragon

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Do you want to listen to a story about Viking and dragon? But it’s better to be in this story. So why don’t you embark on an adventure along with the Viking and his dragon in Viking Dragon at y8 shooting games? To go home, they must go through a forest that is home to goblins and other mutants. Help them get out of there safely is your mission in this game. Simple control a Viking fly on a dragon and attack any enemies appear in front of them.

Be careful because enemies are crowded and they will attack you in different ways. However, you also have different kinds of weapons to deal with them. Switch weapons when the current one is useless. Because each type of weapon just has limited power, you must change your weapon quickly before it’s too late.

On, the dragon can fly up and down. You can dodge enemies if you can’t defeat any of them. This adventure lasts for 3 minutes. It’s quite short but enough to bring you an amazing experience and it’s not easy to finish them right away. Besides the ability to fly, the dragon can also breathe a fiery flame but only one character can attack at a time. It means if the dragon breathes a flame, the Viking can’t shoot and vice versa.

Make sure that the Viking can survive to escape from the forest with some loots. So don’t forget to collect money and diamonds along the way. Enjoy! You should check out the following options after finishing this one: Battalion Commander and Soldiers Fury.


Click on the weapons to switch weapons, spacebar to shoot and arrow keys to move.

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