Seek and Destroy

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Seek and Destroy GamePlay:

Maybe you have driven a heavy tank and jumped into the combat or maybe a hot sports car. How about a helicopter? It must be more fun and epic. Welcome to Seek And Destroy – an online multiplayer third-person shooting game. Here at game y8 online, don’t let its name fool you. It’s not similar to a traditional game called seek and find. In this game, you seek enemies and kill them before being killed. So what are you going to do?

Simply control your deadly military helicopter and start fighting against other players around the world. However, the control of a helicopter is not simple. In the beginning, you are better to move slowly and pay attention to every aspect of the helicopter’s movement such as altitude and tilt to aiming and firing to shoot down enemies. You can create a room and wait for other players to enter or you can enter one of the other players’ rooms and start the match. Dominate the skies by having the high ground.

This military helicopter is equipped with many weapons such as a heat-seeking missile, bombs, a machine gun and so on. Each kind of weapon has its reload time and ammo capacity, so choose and use them wisely to take advantage on If you are a newbie for the helicopter controls, you may find it hard to navigate it.

However, after some matches, your skills will improve so much. So don’t give up if you lose. Become an ace helicopter in the most epic fighting in the air ever and remember to enjoy other matches in more games such as Galaxy-Warriors and Minetank Shooter

How to play:

W to power –up

S to power down

Arrow keys to drive

Left click to fire

F or right-click to use a rocket launcher

X to drop a bomb

V to use heat-seeking missile.

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