Defend Home

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Defend Home GamePlay:

Monsters appear everywhere and they dare to attack your village. However, you have the best army ever to deal with these invaders. Enter Defend Home at y8 boys games and protect your village at all costs from monsters. This is a well-rounded defense strategy game filled with amazing features and cool graphics. As its name, your mission is to deploy army formation to stop and kill monsters before they enter your village. You take advantage of 4 different kinds of heroes to defend including Warriors, Archers, Assassins, and Wizards.

Each hero has a special ability. 4 doesn't sound too many but you can merge 2 heroes of the same class that has the same level to become a high-level hero. After upgrading, you can buy a level 2 hero instead of level 1. You can switch and change each hero's position by dragging and dropping them. You will see some slots along the way. Place your heroes there to defend your home. As you level up, you will find the game become more challenging. New monsters will appear.

On, some monsters have a special skill and each kind of monster can block a certain hero. Choose your hero to stop them wisely. You also should be ready to deal with bosses. Each hero can become stronger by upgrading. So, you should stay focus on upgrading if it's possible. Collect the chips from bosses and treasure chests. Use power-ups to raise the chance of winning.

The more you play the more you love it. Play more and enjoy many interesting features ahead. Keep your village safe and sound. Discover more fun games such as Shot And Kill and Killer Assassin.


Use your left click to defend your home.

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