Defeat The Monster

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Defeat The Monster GamePlay:

Defeat The Monster tests your reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Unlike other games about killing monsters in which you have to aim and shoot or attack them directly to kill them. In this game at y8 y8 games online free play, you just need to choose the right weapons to kill a certain kind of monster. So you may wonder how to know what kind of weapon will work with what kind of monster.

It’s an interesting question and the game won’t make it difficult for you because it will answer your question. It will show you how to kill monsters. You use a gun to kill Frankenstein and a woodpile to kill vampires. Make sure you choose the right one as fast as you can. You just have 3 seconds to make a choice. If you choose the wrong answer, you have to play once again from the beginning.

On, as the game processes, other choices will appear and fool you. It will make you feel confused but if you stay focused, you won’t be wrong. You must take advantage of your reflexes and hand-eye coordination to go further in this game. With a very simple concept, gameplay, and easy to control mechanism, everyone can play this game, even kids.

This is one of the latest options on our site, so don’t miss it because it’s worth it for you to spend time playing. How many monsters can you kill in succession? Are you a monster killer? Find your own answer by playing. Click on the right weapon and that monster will be killed. Besides, don’t forget to explore other games such as Vikings War Of Clans and Mineblox Apple Shooter.

How to play:

Left click to a weapon.

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