Dead Paradise 3

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Dead Paradise 3 GamePlay:

The world is no longer the same as before. Now you see only rubble, death, and war. This isn’t a paradise to live but a paradise of death. The survivors of each war are having trouble protecting their lives. You must help them. Dead Paradise 3 is a driving combine with survival elements that brings you to a world filled dangers. Here, you must keep yourself safe and also protect the lives of other survivors.

At, that is your top priority and mission. Send all survivors to the safe place is not easy at all because enemies appear everywhere and they are trying to stop you at all cost and you will do it at all cost. So there are 2 vans or trucks or something like a military vehicle. One carries survivors and one that you drive will defend. You must defeat enemies until the car carries survivors to reach the haven. 15 missions are 15 challenges and the difficulty level increases as you level up.

You have 3 ways to kill your enemies including using turrets, using guns and burning them. Use them wisely to get the best result. Enemies will chase behind you until you reach the haven. You will see a blood bar above each car. If it drops to zero, the mission fails and you have to play that current level once again. Besides, you need a least 1 star to unlock a new mission.

Also, you can collect some helpful items along the way and upgrade your stats during gaming. Make use of them to finish your mission. Enjoy the following games in your free time or whatever you want: Mr Gun Man and Star Battles.

Instructions: Move by using WASD, shoot by Spacebar, turn your gun back with Z, turn your gun forward with X and C to dump fuel. You can switch to alternative controls in the settings.

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