Battalion Commander

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Battalion Commander GamePlay:

From one of you to a strong army, can you build a team that helps you defeat the enemy? The enemy army is so strong. You are not easy to win for sure. In Battalion Commander, you have to prove that you are a great commander and you have to plan a wise strategy to deal with enemy effectively. At y8 unblocked, you have a commander’s hat with a star. Your mission is to shoot your way through the enemy base to kill them all. Your character auto shoots. You just need to help him avoid the attack from the enemy.

Move to the left, move to the right, move forward, and move backward as soon as you don’t get any hits. It’s a really challenging mission. Because the enemy shoots you so hard, it’s not easy to avoid their attack at all. You have to be active in the movement and kill all enemies that appear in front of you.

On, enemies vary on the attack. You have to collect more members to build a great team. Your team members appear randomly on the way. The more members you have, the stronger you are. As a result, you easily move further. You can buy upgrades and skills after each battle to enhance your strength. One important thing you have to keep in mind that if the commander dies, the game ends. Make sure you protect your commander. Try to play better than the previous time, ok?

In the beginning, you may be weak but you can be stronger soon as soon as you have hope. Enjoy and don’t forget to enjoy more games on out site such as Run Into Death and Zombie Shoot.

How to play:

Use your mouse to move your team.

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